We believe that the current state of digital privacy rights is problematic for a myriad of social, political, and moral reasons.

The Issue

Surveillance seems inescapable in the digital age, and we believe that it works against the best interests of most citizens, instead serving those who profit from the unethical collection and commodification of personal data.

In order to oppose invasive structures of surveillance, the average person, much like ourselves, needs accessible resources that explain the fundamentals of digital privacy rights, which includes defining terms, the current legal context, emerging issues, and more.

Our Goals and Contributions

1. We hope that our website can act as a rudimentary guidebook, presenting contemporary threats to digital privacy rights in clear and easy-to-read language.

2. After reading through these various resources, we hope people will feel informed and motivated enough to #TalkBackToTech, and use our templates to voice concerns directly with Big Tech.

3. By providing educational resources and activating localized political action we aim to contribute to the growing swell of activism that identifies the problems with surveillance capitalism and presents better alternatives.


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