About Us

The Privacy Guide project is part of University of Toronto’s Jackman Humanities Institute Scholars in Residence Program. It is situated within a collaborative SSHRC project, Opening the Door on Digital Privacy: Practices, Policies, & Pedagogies (aka Privacy Stories). It was led by Prof. Leslie Regan Shade.



David Baldridge is a student at the University of Toronto in his junior year pursuing studies in Economics and Political Science. His interests include adapting both existing principles of constitutionally protected privacy for the digital age and antitrust regulations for the modern tech-based economy. He hopes that the Privacy Stories project will encourage a greater understanding of what good privacy protection looks like and why it is important to have.






Jayun Bae is a senior at the University of Toronto, studying Bioethics, Neuroscience, and Philosophy. She is particularly interested in the intersections of data privacy and healthcare, the body, and identity. In addition to her research at the Faculty of Information, she is an undergraduate fellow at the University of Toronto’s Centre for Ethics. Jayun hopes to improve youth understanding of data privacy and empower peers through Privacy Stories.







Kvitlana Tsap is a recent graduate from the International Relations and Public Policy and Governance programs at the University of Toronto. Kvitlana’s research focused on the role of national governments and international institutions in the debate on digital privacy. As a student, Kvitlana observed the impact of governmental legislation on digital privacy and its limitations. Kvitlana hopes that students feel well informed about digital privacy after browsing our resources and get inspired to be proactive in protecting their privacy rights.







Sarah Ingle is a junior at the University of Toronto, studying International Relations, Digital Humanities, and Political Science. She also leads the Youth Internet Governance Forum in Canada – a group devoted to creating opportunities for youth to learn about and engage in global policy-making on internet governance and digital policy issues. Sarah is passionate about youth representation and exploring the impacts of digitization for governance, identity, human rights and international law. She hopes that Privacy Stories will help promote a culture of active digital citizenship and empower youth to help shape the future of the Internet. @SarahLMIngle





Luca Bellisario is an English, History, and Women and Gender Studies student in his final year at the University of Toronto. He is interested in narrativity, identity, and surveillance as a theme in both the Humanities and Information Studies.








Katie Mackinnon (Research Assistant) is a PhD student in the iSchool at the University of Toronto. She researches histories of youth online in the late 1990s, focusing on public policy and social issues about the internet, youth action and intervention. She helped create the Privacy Guide site, and offered support throughout the course of the project.